Micro warm breeze

Qing Ling and blue sky as the sun sank slowly in the dark, free-flying birds perched on the coming of the night accompanied by a sea of ??green adaptable, clouds floating aimlessly from time to time have to go slowly in the sky I love climbing the tall mountain overlooking the Vientiane make eye feast, neon distant starlight in the shadow looming little bit of smoke, but the most beautiful June day breeze blowing in the breeze gently blowing hair wave blinding, close your eyes so that the soul venting between these mountains nature, knew the heart was gone. 
I embrace the breeze to walk in the corridor of time, holding a pen to write the clutch life joys and sorrows of ink in the years Dan, no extra excitement, but in a long period of the first song, the taste of dried fleeting memories. Few decades, time flies, smile dirge but a moment, how many people have changed the sunset date of the loop so quietly into the marshes. However, there is a life after love regardless devastated several times too hard after all regret it, it would precipitate time with more concentrated fragrance longer distant. 
Bustling best performances, along the way, as the years flowers, I also began to slowly get to know and understand the world, to a delicate and gentle heart to share this world slowly feel great and silent love . Micro warm breeze, father speechless, if that maternal love is fresh air, then the father is like a wisp of fresh air in my world filled quietly silent at the growth and spread, until my heart disseminated by piece, like most of the Streets of the old Shanghai of the image, moreish but gratuitous love. Father is a melodious song, fatherly also refreshing cup of tea, bear out the performance, but everywhere. Love left hand, right hand reflection, looking forward to the other side of love, even the flowers are so brilliant. 
Ancient legend, the mother gave me flesh and blood, so I grew up, and my father gave me a bone, so I stood. Fatherly love how the word is ordinary, but the expression of love is so extraordinary, filled with fatherly philosophy of life, portraying the life of struggle and hard work, hard work and courage. Father as a mountain tom ford sunglasses, the mountain is the child's day, father as day, rugged and far-reaching. Auntie Qiong Yao said to have thought of the moment, be happy; has feelings of pleasure, happiness; has fatherly also happy. In the wind blows, all clusters are tired of verdant green, the sun and to, at the moment the most intense color rendering, deep feelings of his father's love, I think of how happy I was ah! 
Open classical poetry album, it is difficult to find his father sing psalms, suffering from Chinese traditional virtues nurtured a reputation for reserved style is characterized by simple fatherly love is so deep, heavy as a mountain, firmly established in the time of the river bank, the Millennium silence. Silence Love, who was the face of the vicissitudes of the years under Daoke, mist gradually being obliterated, life is like the sea, vast clouds, Zither Love, who remember when that body stature? Built up by years of wind Cloud Provider, it still charm elegant style? Brushed the dust time, you can see some shadowy figure, persistent and firm exudes the aura that describe the most beautiful picture of a father figure. 
Micro warm breeze, silent father, and proximity to the mountains, but my mind kept absolutely clear that this is difficult to stop and to understand unrequited love. Often returned home late at night is not always used to sleep, so the day is always sleepy and groaning, each wakes up to find his father had disappeared, provoked the burden of the family, destined to run around hard work, wait for his father to come back again until it is already late late. Sitting on the sofa in front of a TV series can not be read, inadvertently reveals everywhere tired after that is into a deep sleep. Stalwart trees like squid-like gentle, warm breeze like a hidden selfless love, slowly Rouchang Loving family, the cold weather iPhone 4 casing, warm a heart and touches the soul of an ignorant growth.







人間四月天,是一年中最美好的時光,到處都是陽光Maggie Beauty明媚,花紅柳綠,鶯歌燕舞的詩情畫意。那些不結果子的桃花杏花的花瓣,都隨著春風的吹來飄入了小河裏的水中,就像那只有相遇,而沒有相聚的思念一樣,只留下一個美麗的回憶。雖然是只是美麗的記憶,在生命中遺留下來難忘的風景。只有那些結果的杏樹和桃樹,結出了春天的果實,驕傲的青杏和小桃壓滿了枝頭。給人們留下了等待收穫的希望和期待。

公園裏到處都是野草莓美麗的黃色小花,遍地都是Maggie Beauty如在草原的遐想,走在草地上小心翼翼地,總怕踩了那小花的美麗,傷了她的柔軟稚嫩的容顏。想躺下打一個滾,已沒有了年少時浪漫的心情,有的只是欣賞不夠的愛惜和敬畏大自然的神奇的心情。大自然不光給人們看得見的賞心悅目的美景,還給了許多純天然的可供人們食用的花兒野菜。紫藤花已經很少見了,見得最多的還是那像雪一樣白的洋槐花兒。

河邊有幾棵洋槐樹,已經掛滿了白色的洋槐花兒了,空氣中已散發出濃郁香甜的槐花香,這是還沒有蜜蜂來臨。見有一年輕的女子,在那裏用鉤子在鉤樹上的槐花兒,看見這自然的美麗畫面,我的思緒又回到了那稚嫩天真的童年。又想起了我們放學回家,把書放在地上,挎著書包上樹上去摘洋槐花兒,當我們背著滿滿的一書包洋槐花兒回家的Maggie Beauty時候,母親那高興自豪的神情溢於言表。







我從來沒有想過有一天你會離開我,因為我對你的愛毫無保留;在這場愛情的戰役裏,我已經付出的自己的全部,沒有給自己留任何的餘地,壓上了自己所有的賭注。我太害怕失去你,因為我不想做一只沒有隱形翅膀的單翅鳥,飛不過湖面田野,飛不上懸崖望不見天涯路,找不到回家的路;我不想一個人築巢,我不願一個人生活在孤單的Tape replacement小木屋,看著門前枯黃秋楓樹上沒有捆牢的搖搖欲墜的秋千,感覺不安;我不願做一只斷了線漂流的風箏,因為我害怕降落在荒蕪無人的孤島,沒有人知道我的消息



我知道,我明白,有些人,就像走過的路留下的Jewelry hong kong腳印,淡不去;有些事,就像突如其來的傾盆大雨讓忘了帶傘的你措手不及,逃不掉。




Hothouse Cooler

Author Notes: This cucumber margarita, with a bit of grapefruit for sweetness, is super refreshing and subtle enough to enjoy with a meal.

 Makes one drink

For the cucumber juice:

1 large English (hothouse) cucumber, peeled and roughly chopped

For one drink:

1 1/2 ounces tequila
1 1/2 ounces triple sec
1 ounce grapefruit juice
3 ounces cucumber juice (recipe above)
1/2 teaspoon sugar
Lime wedge and kosher salt, for the rim

First, make the cucumber juice hong kong weather. Dump the cuke chunks into a blender and blend until liquefied (you may have to pause between pulses to push the larger pieces down with a spatula).
Set the pulp in a fine mesh strainer over a bowl. Use a spatula to help the juice through. I liked mine a little rustic (and the thicker juice gave the end result a great texture, so once through the strainer was perfect for me!). For a clearer drink Hong Kong Cultural Activities, double strain the juice. Either way, you should get between 1/2 and 2/3 cup juice.
Pour all of the liquid ingredients (tequila, triple sec, and cucumber juice) into a glass. Stir in sugar until dissolved.
Run the lime wedge along the rim of a fresh glass to dampen it. Dump kosher salt into a shallow dish. Invert the glass into the salt dish and spin to adhere salt to rim.
Fill the salted glass with ice. Add drink and serve Skin Central.


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